What are we doing regarding COVID19?

1. We're focusing on deals that are available later in the year

While DC hasn't seen the kind of international flight discounts that other regions have been seeing due to coronavirus, we have seen some severe domestic discounts.

However, even if prices are extremely low for trips that leave in the next month, we are not going to focus on those. We won't send deals unless they have availability for July and later.

It doesn't matter how cheap you might be able to fly for in March 2020. It's not worth it.

2. We're focusing on flexible flights

We don't know how long the flight/travel situation will be impacted because of coronavirus.

Fortunately, many airlines are offering flexible booking policies that will allow you to change your flights with no change fee. We'll focus on sending deals from airlines that are doing that. To see the specifics of each airline's policy, go here.

3. We're helping the DC business community

In the wake of social distancing, there's been much talk about how people could buy gift certificates to their favorite local businesses, so that those businesses have the cashflow now to be able to stay afloat.

This is a great idea, but easier to talk about than to do. How do you know what businesses you can buy gift certificates from, and how can you actually buy them?

To help, we're crowdsourcing businesses you can help by buying their gift certificates.

Please add local businesses to this spreadsheet and include info on how people can buy gift certificates. Please support local businesses to the extent you can afford.

Help local businesses →
4 - General COVID19 resources

Coronavirus Primer for Reasonably Rational People - this is an excellent introduction for orienting yourself about what's going on with the coronavirus in general, as well as what you can do to prepare and protect yourself and loved ones. For actions you can take, click on the link and scroll down to "Possible Action Steps".

Coronavirus: Why You Must Act Now - a deep dive on the math of coronavirus and why it will spread unless we take drastic measures. Share this to convince others to take coronavirus seriously.

Johns Hopkins tracking dashboard - a map of where cases have spread.

Airline policies during COVID19 - Google Flights has a list of links to various airlines' policy regarding change fees and COVID19 measures. Make sure you check here before buying any flight right now.